On-Site Accommodation Psychological Health & Safety Guideline

Psychosocial safety management is not only the right thing for our industry to focus and improve upon - it is required by regulation. The development of this Guideline is an important step on the improvement journey for our industry.

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In response to the need for safeguarding individuals residing at camps, and a directive from Australian Energy Producers, the Queensland Resources Council  and the Commissioner for Qld Resources Health & Safety the Safer Together Health Working Group created an On-Site Accommodation Psychological Health and Safety Guideline.

The Guideline can be applied effectively across all jurisdictions and camp settings to enhance the psychological well-being and safety of camp residents.

The Guideline addresses psychosocial hazards, such as remote and isolated work, environmental conditions, and harmful behaviours like bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment, at all camp locations.


To effectively manage psychosocial risks in the workplace, the Guideline focusses on appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours; it defines the minimum measures to be put in place to improve the safety of those living on-site, and sets the standard expectations for acceptable psychosocial conduct.

The On-Site Accommodation Psychosocial Health and Safety Guideline covers jurisdictions in Qld and WA/NT, with the content based on existing (related) legislation and best-practice (e.g., WorkSafe Qld. 'Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work' Code of Practice, and WorkSafe WA 'Psychosocial hazards in the workplace' Code of Practice) etc.

A scaled approach allows coverage of small sized accommodation camps (e.g., rig camps with circa 10-50 workers) to medium sized (50 – 200 workers) to large (200 – 1000 workers) to very large (1000+ workers)).

The HWG has ensured that the Guideline is aligned with industry groups, including Australian Energy Producers, Queensland Resources Council and other regulatory bodies as well as camp providers, and operators with regards to setting behavioural expectations of those living on site.

Coming Next

The final Draft Guideline will be distributed for conusultation in Q1 2024, and we expect to launch the On-site Accommodation Psychological Health and Safety Guideline Q2 2024.

Email: [email protected] for information.

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