HLO Training Specification

Standardised training for Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs).


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Training requirements and courses for Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs) vary across the Industry.  This leads to inconsistencies and increases costs.


Standardise the approach to HLO training across Operators in the Industry.


Safer Together has released a new Specification for Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Training. Developed by the Aviation working group, the specification details the requirements for HLO training including:

  • Enhancing the competence of all HLOs in the Industry to enable them to carry out their duties in the safest manner possible, thereby improving safety performance;
  • Defining the standard of safe working behaviour that is expected of all HLOs in the Industry; and
  • Driving consistency and cost efficiency in delivering relevant safety training to all HLOs in the Industry.

HLO training is delivered in Australia by ERGT but can also be accessed via any training provider that has a fully certified OPITO HLO training course.

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