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Common IVMS Specification

Requirements for In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems used in Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry


IVMS is a key tool to manage road safety risks. Contractors servicing the CSG industry have previously expressed their frustrations concerning differing IVMS requirements (i.e. speed rules, exception settings) across each of the operators. For example – some contractors were driving for three separate CSG operators in the same week. This has resulted in potential confusion for drivers as to each operator’s IVMS settings.


Simplify and standardise IVMS requirements – to achieve safer outcomes. Standardise IVMS settings for: speed management; seat belts; fatigue management; harsh driving events; reporting. This enables greater transparency in the industry by having all contractors complying with the same rules and improves each operator’s ability to conduct assurance activities.


Now Available!

The Working Group has developed an Industry IVMS Specification. This Specification is intended for use by operators and contractors. It applies to heavy and light vehicles. Click here to watch a video that introduces the Safer Together Land transport program and changes in industry IVMS requirements.

A Launch Pack has been developed to help Safer Together members implement the requirements of the IVMS Specification. The Launch Pack includes:

  • Implementation guide and Overview: an overview of the steps and activities to implement the new industry requirements.
  • Presentation: a toolbox presentation which introduces changes in industry IVMS requirements.
  • Letters: templates for letters from the CEO/senior in-country manager to staff, vendors/service providers and Contract & Procurement Department.
  • Poster: to raise awareness about the changes and reinforce the messages.

Other useful resources:

  • Podcast: a multimedia version of the toolbox presentation.
  • Brochure: a “Driver Guide” explaining the new IVMS requirements and requirement for driving.
  • FAQs: frequently asked questions and answers.


Coming Next

  • Seek feedback from Transport Certification Australia on the IVMS Specification Standards
  • Work with IVMS providers, operators and contractors to improve the IVMS shapefile.

For More Information

Case Study: IWMS at WellDog
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