Ben Collingham, Operations Manager - UGL, has joined Competence & Behaviour Working Group (CBWG) QLD in 2017 and has been CBWG's Chair since May 2018. In 2020 he was awarded Best and Fairest award for his role as a Chair of the CBWG and as a key liaison and representative of QLD CBWG at the WA/NT CBWG. 

Q: How did you feel about being awarded Best & Fairest? 

A: I feel very grateful that my peers put me forward, but the reality is it’s a team effort that makes the success. I am very lucky to be involved with a working group like CWBG where everyone is supportive and wants to be part of something to make a difference.

Q: Why do you think Safer Together is important for our Industry? 

A: Multiple reasons, but really I think it comes down to collaboration and support. By working side by side (client and contractors) we are able to keep looking at ways to improve, adapt and make changes we wouldn’t normally do to make our industry and working environment a safer and more enjoyable place to be.

Q: Describe the best day you’ve ever had at work. 

A: When I am working with a team who has a common goal to keep improving, wants to self-reflect and ensure we all enjoy our work delivering a safe and high quality outcome within a timely and cost effective way.

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