Frontline HSERs are important change agents. If armed with the right tools and enabled by the right culture, HSERs can be enhanced as leaders and can serve as the eyes and ears of the industry at the frontline. They enable the exchange of ideas and concerns about HSE matters and are empowered to drive on-the-ground innovative solutions.

Safer Together is holding our 2022 HSER Forum in Darwin on Wednesday 19 October 2022.  We want HSERs from all Member Companies to have the opportunity to attend this Forum – this is an opportunity to learn from Industry Leaders and each other about Industry best-practice in the HSER sphere.

Attendees will learn about current industry performance outcomes and challenges, understand the importance of the role HSER’s play in preventing accidents and incidents, and how HSER’s can engage all workers on each worksite to work towards a common goal – consistent improvement in safety outcomes.

We talked with a few HSERs at the last HSER Forum and here’s what they had to say:

The Forum will also include presentations on Safer Together HSER-specific Programs and how to best use our HSER Toolkit in your workplace to improve safety outcomes.

If you would like your company to receive invitations to future HSER Forums, please contact us at [email protected] to forward the names and contact details of your nominated attendees.