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Incident Review Panels (IRPs) offer an invaluable opportunity for member companies to engage in important conversations around incidents and subsequent learnings within the industry.

Attendance at these events is a valuable learning opportunity for the company representative present, however unless knowledge from the day is effectively communicated down the line, post IRP, the learning is limited to just one person and the value to the company as a whole is lost. 


Wood sees great value in the Safer Together Incident Review Panels and has adopted an inclusive approach to communicating and embedding learnings from the IRPs within the company.

Sending a team member that works in the field and who directly benefits from the learnings of the IRP, and then asking that team member to share their learnings post-event in a team setting, is the key to maximising the value of the opportunity to learn from the experience of other companies.


Harry Savage, an Environmental Scientist for Wood, attended the Land Transport Review Panel in December 2018. A significant portion of Harry’s time is spent driving in the CSG fields and therefore the conversation around incidents and innovations in the area of land transport was especially relevant to his every day role.

Soon after the IRP, Harry subsequently discussed what he learnt with more than 60 of his colleagues in Wood at a bi-weekly general staff meeting in the Brisbane office. By doing so, the entire team benefited from the IRP – not just one individual.

“The Safer Together IRPs provide an invaluable source of learnings, and we find that having individuals such as Harry attend the IRPs and share those learnings is the best way to raise awareness and create a safer working environment for our teams” (Steve Ciccone - Regional Director, Wood).

Lessons Learnt:

  • Select the right people to attend – send along to the IRP someone who works in the field and who will most directly benefit from the discussions on the day.
  • Spread the word – ensure that the team member who attends the IRP shares the knowledge obtained with their colleagues in-house and encourage discussion around how the learnings can be applied to your particular field.
  • Be an active participant – if your company has similar risks or incidents, be sure to share your knowledge, solutions or questions on the day. Utilise and contribute to the shared knowledge of the Safer Together community.
  • Engage in the networking opportunities – IRPs provide a great opportunity to learn from and connect with experts in your field across our industry.

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