Induction processes at Arrow Energy had evolved over time and had become more complex as the Company expanded.  Inductions for Arrow employees had grown to be a mix of face to face and on-line inductions.  Contractors were completing numerous inductions to work with Arrow, and were reporting that these were duplicated when they worked for other Operators in the industry.  The various inductions repeated content, and often delivered mixed messages.  Also the hazards and risks are the same across similar Arrow facilities e.g. Moranbah, Tipton and Daandine Water Treatment Plants.



Following the introduction of the ISI, Arrow took the opportunity to streamline their induction processes to remove duplication and consolidate HSE induction requirements.


 In adopting the ISI, Arrow replaced the one day face to face Arrow HSE Induction with the ISI.  This change was supported by simplifying Arrow’s internal HSE induction process.

Arrow now has two online modules.

  • Arrow HSE online Induction – This module leads on from the ISI by providing information about Arrow specific HSE requirements.
  • Arrow Facilities/Site Specific Induction – This module covers specific HSE requirements for all Arrow sites and facilities.

Arrow Employees and Contractors who have completed the ISI (or Arrow 1 day Induction or equivalent) and the two modules can work at any Arrow controlled site or facility.

This has resulted in the removal of the following inductions:

  • General Induction North
  • General Induction South
  • Individual site/field/facility specific inductions


  • One induction for all Arrow facilities and fields.
  • Cost and efficiency improvements.
  • Less time spent on inductions for employees and contractors.
  • Induction is still site specific and includes emergency evacuation plans etc.
  • Helps ensure consistency of HSE requirements across all Arrow locations.
  • Less maintenance on induction packages.

Lessons Learnt

  • Carefully planned communications and implementation plan is essential. Communications tools used by Arrow included:
    • Email to all Arrow staff explaining changes
    • ISI Poster and staff bulletin content
    • Email to current Mode 1 & 2 Contractor
    • Information sessions for Brisbane staff
    • Presentation at site toolboxes
    • Information on Company intranet
  • Integrate with existing Learning and Development processes. At Arrow, provision was made for employees to book their place on ISI courses in the internal Learning Space.
  • Be clear about Recognition of Prior Learning and exemptions. Arrow clarified that Brisbane based contractors (who never visit site) are exempt from the requirement to undergo ISI.  Further, employee and contractor personnel who have completed previous Arrow inductions and/or the Drilling and Completion General Induction (DCGI) do not have to complete ISI.
  • Take the opportunity to clarify induction requirements for visitors. Arrow now allows visitors to attend site multiple times without ISI as long as they are accompanied and do not complete physical work.

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