Following a series of high potential incidents with light vehicles attempting to cross flooded roads and waterways, the Qld Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) acted quickly to help people make better decisions regarding crossing flooded waterways, and in 2021 our Water Crossing for Light Vehicles Guideline was born.

The Guideline balances safety with getting the job done – delivering a practical set of instructions to enable individuals to assess a water crossing; and then decide if it is safe to continue or not.

Following the launch of the Guideline, uptake and download of the support materials (toolbox package; reference card; FAQs) clearly demonstrated a previously unmet need for a guidance of this type, with the Water Crossings Guideline video the most watched resource on the Safer Together Vimeo channel, with more than 3,000 views.

With 2022 bringing with it record rainfall and multiple flooding events on the east coast (in particular), the time is ripe for the launch of the Water Crossing for Light Vehicles Guideline e-learn tool

The e-learn was originally developed by Santos and has been gifted to industry via Safer Together.  It has been updated and customised for Member Company use and complements existing supporting materials.

The tool is available for Member Companies to download as a plug in for your Learning Management System (LMS) or online via a web link (for those without an LMS).

A launch pack is available to help Members implement the Water Crossing for Light Vehicles Guideline:

The Guideline contains the technical information and decision-making process to help your people in the field, in times of flood and indecision make the right choice. 

Member companies are encouraged to use the materials provided, hold toolbox talks and raise awareness of the dangers of crossing flooded water without the right consideration of water depth, water speed and vehicle capability.

For further information regarding water crossings:

  • A Learning Event Bulletin concerning a Loss of Control crossing a flooded waterway incident.
  • In 2021, the Qld LTWG hosted a Lunch & Learn webinar to explain the Guideline. A full recording is available for Member Company viewing.

For further information contact: [email protected].