Under the Uniform Non-conformance Reporting (UNCR) Program, Safer Together member companies involved in supply chain activities that support the WA/NT Oil & Gas Exploration and Production industry are required to report their logistics related non-conformances after the end of each calendar quarter, and provide their data using the online tool.

Data for Q1 2021 is now due and data will be accepted through to 14 May.

Where the UNCR Specification is adopted by individual companies by incorporating the requirements into their Safety Control Framework and passing them onto their supply chains via contract terms and conditions, it aims to supersede existing company requirements for the purpose of industry-harmonised standardisation. Building a common industry Non-Conformance Reporting database will facilitate analysis so that trends can be identified, investigated and targeted by industry, reducing occurrences and severity potential.

A webinar session for current reporters and new reporters on use of the new online tool was held on 24 February 2021, and further sessions will be provided in coming months.

If your company needs to start reporting according to the Specification, please register with [email protected] so that you are provided the reporting template quarterly to participate. You can also use the same email address to direct any questions on the reporting process to the project team.

Learn more about UNCR here