The Safer Together WA/NT Land Logistics Uniform Non-conformance Reporting (UNCR) Specification has been endorsed by the Safety Leaders Group and is now available on the Safer Together website along with an interactive online UNCR tool that contains the first 15 months of data from the pilot of the reporting process, and a wealth of other supporting information to assist companies to participate in the program. Have a look to learn more.

Non-conformance Reporting allows us to understand common causes for events and share lessons. Historically companies in our industry have tracked non-conformances using different classifications, methods and tools which has limited the ability to effectively share industry-wide lessons and build common safety interventions. Standardisation through sharing industry related non-conformance data in a common format allows us to more effectively identify issues that can become focus areas to drive industry improvements.

The online reporting tool, accessed via the Safer Together website, allows member companies to submit data through a common framework, and then use the analysis interface to review and filter non-conformance data in a variety of ways:

  • By Code and Location
  • By Vehicle Type
  • By Handling Unit; and
  • Over a specific time period.

In addition to the online tool and Specification, there is both written and video user guidance on how to submit data and get the most out of viewing the data that is available from the first 15 months of data collected.

Continued use of the UNCR tool will allow Safer Together to identify and track trends in non-conformance issues related to transport safety and allow us to target our improvement efforts going forward to minimise risk to those involved in loading, unloading and transport of essential materials and equipment.

The UNCR Specification applies to all companies involved in supply chain activities that support the WA/NT Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry.  Where this Specification is adopted by individual companies by incorporating the Requirements into their Safety Control Framework and passing them onto their supply chains via contract terms and conditions, it aims to supersede existing company requirements for the purpose of industry-harmonised standardisation. 

Each WA/NT member company should review the UNCR Specification and determine if the non-conformances that are collected in their land logistics activities should be provided to Safer Together. Data is submitted by registered users of the UNCR system. In order to submit data to the system, a member company must register the company focal point who is the regular supplier of data with Safer Together so that we can keep track of suppliers of data, and provide them regular updates of information about the system, including the current reporting template. To register your company with the UNCR system, simply email [email protected].

Members can access Launch Pack materials here.

Learn more about UNCR here