In January 2022 we asked the Senior Line Leader(s) of each of our member companies to give us their feedback so that we could gauge whether Safer Together is meeting the needs of its members. We received a lot of responses – read on to find out more.


We received responses from 93 companies, which represents almost 50% of our total membership. To achieve this level of response, despite all the business pressures and disruption caused by COVID for our member companies, is impressive and very much appreciated.

On 13 May we sent the Senior Line Leader, HSE Focal Point, and Communications Focal Point of every Safer Together member company, as well as any other individuals that took the time to send us a response, an anonymised summary of the collated feedback we received.

Click here for an overview summary of the feedback we received, so that you can see for yourself how Safer Together is tracking, including:

  1. What did members tell us is the most widely adopted Safer Together Initiative?
  2. What did members tell us is the most effective Safer Together Initiative they have deployed?
  3. Do members think they are getting value from their membership of Safer Together?

Go to our 2021 Member Feedback webpage for a more detailed breakdown of the feedback we received, which is accessible only to member companies.

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