On 1 October 2019, ERGT and IFAP will commence delivering Industry Safety Induction (ISI) training in WA/NT.  From 1 January 2020 all new starts will be required to satisfactorily complete the ISI prior to working on the development of operation of Onshore or Offshore Facilities in the WA/NT Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry. 


September 18, 2019: Niall Myles (Woodside and Co-Chair of Safer Together WA/NT), Seán O’Donnell (Safer Together), Jane Mahon (IFAP) and Shane Addis (ERGT) commemorate signing the Licence to deliver the ISI in WA/NT.

The ISI is a one day training course which ensures participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate safely in their roles as they enter the Industry.  New starts have been required to attend the ISI in Queensland since 2016.  Industry leaders in WA/NT identified an opportunity to modify the course for a WA/NT audience, including application to Major Hazard Facilities, and to thereby achieve a consistent approach to induction across the Industry.  Click here to watch a video about the ISI.

A key component to improving the Industry’s safety performance is the competence and behaviour of Industry personnel, particularly new starts.  Prior to introducing the ISI, the competence of personnel varied widely in the industry.  Common core safety competency requirements had not been established.

Many contractors work for several operators, often on various sites.  A common induction program removes duplication, cost inefficiencies and potential confusion via mixed messages when delivering safety inductions to workers as they move from client to client and site to site.

Topics covered in the ISI include:

  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas E&P industry
  • General overview of legislation and duty of care obligations
  • Workplace hazards and risks
  • Communicating about hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Expectations of safe workplace behaviour

The course has a single objective, to keep people safe at work.  It provides a ‘ticket to work’ for all workers who satisfy competence and behavioural requirements and ensure that this ‘ticket to work’ is accepted by all industry Operators and Contractors.

Safer Together has partnered with ERGT and IFAP to deliver the course in WA/NT.  From 1 October 2019, courses will be available in Perth, Karratha and Darwin.  This adds to the availability of courses offered in Queensland by AWCC and Wild Geese International.

Our Approved Program Providers also run courses in other locations and can run the course at your location.  

To book your ISI training, please contact our Approved Program Providers by clicking on their logo below.





For more information about the ISI, click here.