Each year we ‘Stand Together for Safety’ in honour of National Safe Work Month.  In 2022, we developed a resource pack under the theme ‘Listen. Share. Learn.’ in support of psychological safety in the workplace – but this conversation is not restricted to October.

With your help, the campaign has been a smashing success:

  • 3,500+ views of the video on LinkedIn
  • 650+ views of the video on the Safer Together Vimeo channel and
  • 150+ downloads of the Presentation (Toolbox Talk materials)
  • Featured at all Working Group Meetings (Qld and WA/NT) throughout October
  • Presented at October's Industry Safety Forum and HSER Forum in Darwin

Responding to the campaign, Nyall Myles (a Safer Together founding Co-Chair in WA/NT), said “That’s a very powerful message; Safer Together in practical action”.

If we have any take-aways from the recent past, it is our deepened and ongoing commitment to building and supporting a safe and healthy workplace free from physical and psychological harm for everyone in our industry.

We know the conversation regarding psychological safety isn't restricted to October, so while it’s no longer Stand Together for Safety month, it's never too late to download the resource pack and have a Toolbox Talk in support of psychological safety in your workplace.

The campaign materials will remain available for download by Member Companies, and include:

  • Campaign video
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Facilitator Run Sheet
  • Stand Together for Safety Presentation (for your Toolbox Talk)
  • Stand Together for Safety ‘Our Place’ poster (with QR video link) for placement in your workplace

A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone employed directly and indirectly in our Industry – and we’re working together to create an environment where staff can speak up, share ideas, ask questions, and make mistakes without fear of humiliation.

As Trish Kerin (Director, IChemE Safety Centre) said succinctly, “the campaign is another fantastic message from Safer Together”.

This campaign complements existing Safer Together initiatives:

The facilitator pack also includes links to various materials relating to psychosocial safety in the workplace to assist member companies in further exploring this topic:

Contact [email protected] for further information.