On 7th February Peter Ridge, Safer Together’s back-to-back “best and fairest” winner from the Competence & Behaviour Working Group, presented our first ever webinar on the Common Industry Competencies (CIC) project..

Peter is the HSE Supervisor, Halliburton Australasia and the project lead of the Common Industry Competencies project.

Peter discussed the journey his team have been on whilst creating the Specification for Common Industry Competencies including the challenges and successes. Key highlights included:

  • The problem of so many different competencies.
  • The solution of working together to develop and confirm competencies that are acceptable for all companies.
  • The benefits of more efficient delivery of essential safety training.
  • The content of the CIC Specification and what is planned for the future.

The webinar was well attended on the East and West Coast with members having the opportunity to interact with Peter as one of their own, sharing his personal and professional perspective on this journey. He feels this is a great example of where a team of operators and contractors can lead and influence pan-industry solutions, all of which are available to members on the CIC webpage.

The 30-minute webinar is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in CIC, or in simply hearing a fantastic collaboration success story, and can be viewed below.

Members can access materials presented at the CIC Webinar here