We extend a warm welcome to 7 new member companies that joined our community of safety leaders in February 2019:

  • 4cRisk
  • Bellwether Contractors
  • Greyhound Australia
  • Nuffield Group
  • Pentagon Freight Services
  • TCLH
  • High Arctic Energy Services (Associate Member)

We also extend a warm welcome to the following individuals and offer our congratulations on their recent appointment to the Queensland Safety Leaders Group (SLG):

  • David Banks (Santos)
  • Nick McKenna (ConocoPhillips)
  • Ewan Meldrum (Qteq)
  • Paul Premerl (Valmec)
  • John Scott (Neil Mansell Transport)
  • Jason Spears (UGL)

Thank you to the former members of the SLG who have moved on – their contribution and commitment to Safer Together is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

And finally, we congratulate our new SLG Co-Chairs on their recent appointment:

  • Ivan Tan (Arrow Energy) – SLG Co-Chair, Operating Companies
  • Paul McDougall (Schlumberger) – SLG Co-Chair, Contract Partner Companies

For more information about Safer Together Qld, please watch the video here.

To find out how your company can become a member of Safer Together click here or address your query to [email protected].