Clive Churchill.png

Sam Burgess – Clive Churchill medallist 2014. Presented by Clive’s wife, Joyce.

The best on ground.png

The Best on Ground award for the AFL Grand Final.

In Australia we have a great tradition of recognising contributions of our sports stars.  The Clive Churchill medal is awarded to the best player in the NRL Grand Final.  The AFL present the Norm Smith medal to the ‘Best on Ground’.  This year we have started what we hope will be an ongoing Safer Together tradition of recognising a Working Group member for their contribution.  Although the award does not yet have an official name – we’re hoping that it will be called "Best and Fairest".

Christmas Hampers for the 2017 Best and Fairest were awarded to:

  • Safety Leadership Working Group: Michelle Zaunbrecher (Arrow) and Jack Taylor (ConocoPhillips)
  • Competence and Behaviour Working Group: Peter Ridge (Halliburton)
  • Land Transport Working Group: Dave Pearce (Santos)
  • Process Safety Working Group: Kim Pullon (Santos) and Jamie McIntyre (EnerMech)
  • Rig Site Safety Working Group: Blair Hart (Wild Desert)

Congratulations to all our Best and Fairest award winners.  Well played and thank you.