On 12 April Sean O’Donnell (Forum Coordinator, Safer Together) spoke as a guest presenter at the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association (APGA) Pipeline Operators Group Seminar in Sydney, introducing Safer Together to representatives from the pipeline operations industry.

Attended by operations management and staff from more than 30 organisations, the theme of this year’s Seminar was “Pipeline operations and maintenance: current issues” with presenters representing the operators of major pipelines across Australia and New Zealand.

The focus of Sean’s presentation was “safety leadership and collaboration in the Queensland natural gas exploration & production industry”. Sean opened by outlining why Safer Together was initially established and explained the Operating Model and Founding Principles. He then highlighted some of the outputs from the Working Groups of particular relevance to those working in an operations environment, and concluded by sharing a reflection on how Safer Together has performed in its first 3 years.

APGA is the peak body representing Australasia’s pipeline infrastructure, with a focus on gas transmission, but also including transportation of other products, such as oil, water and slurry.  The Pipeline Operators Group Seminar was an example of how Safer Together and APGA are working as  collaboration partners to improve safety outcomes for our industry.

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* Image courtesy of APGA