The final Safer Together Event for 2021 was the Assist and Assure ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Workshop held in Brisbane on 15 Dec 2021. Attended by 26 individuals from 15 different companies, the purpose of this face-to-face half day session was to provide implementation support to companies that have started to deploy, or are interested in deploying the Assist and Assure program.

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Assist and Assure is a leadership skills program that focuses on engaging the workforce through 3 strategies:

  1. Transition to Work
  2. Safe Work Process (Step 7)
  3. Effective Supervision (before, during, after)

Importantly, when a company decides to take on Assist and Assure they also commit to providing their team with assistance at the workplace through the use of coaches to deliver practical safety coaching. They then follow up with an assurance process to understand how well the team is learning and applying the program.

Assist and Assure provides a safe system of working without the need for a complex and expensive safety management system. The program has been adopted and deployed by a broad range of companies in the Queensland CSG-LNG industry since it was first introduced.

The strong turnout for the Train-the-Trainer Workshop reinforced that the drive to adopt Assist and Assure in our industry is stronger than ever, with the impressive results achieved by early adopters speaking for themselves. Deployment Case Studies from 3 member companies - Coho Resources, Enerflex and Global Engineering & Construction are available here.

We would like to say thank you to our presenters on the day; the Event wouldn’t have been so successful without you!  Anthony MacKinnon (Arrow Energy), Chris Close (MPC Group), Dan Smith (Ensign Energy Services), Jonathan Martin (COHO Resources) and Alan Ruff (Safer Together) took participants on a detailed journey through the program - what Assist and Assure is / is not, how it works, some of the tools and techniques used in its delivery, and how to train the major points of Assist and Assure to your staff.

The next Assist and Assure ‘Train-the-Trainer’ Workshop is scheduled to take place in July 2022, followed by a Best Practice Workshop in September 2022. Places are limited, so if you would like to receive an invitation and are keen to secure your spot for either of these two events please contact us at [email protected].

To find out more about Assist & Assure, and to access a wide range of implementation support materials, click here.

We are Stronger and Safer Together.

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