Assist & Assure

Make Assist & Assure available for use across the entire Queensland Drilling and Completions sector.

Assist & Assure is a leadership skills program that focuses on engaging the workforce through 3 strategies: 1. Transition to Work; 2. Safe Work Process (Step 7); 3. Effective Supervision (before, during, after).


The Queensland Drilling and Completions sector continues to have a TRIFR of approximately 4.0.

Some companies in the Queensland Drilling and Completions industry are already using Assist & Assure.  Since launching the Program, these companies are reporting that the Program has been effective in improving safety outcomes.  Some have seen a step change TRIFR reduction.  


Make Assist & Assure available for use across the entire Queensland Drilling and Completions sector.  Experience indicates that organisations will choose to adopt the Program because it works:

  • It uses a common language and process for how we do pre-job planning and Transition To Work (no additional paperwork)
  • It is 70% Assist, 30% Assure
  • It creates consistency from the office to the field

Some companies are considering rolling out Assist & Assure across their entire operation.  The roll-out of Assist and Assure across the Drilling and Completions sector could be viewed as a pilot for Industry-wide adoption.

The companies that have already commenced roll-out of Assist & Assure will continue with this implementation.  When the Industry ‘catches up’, these Operators and Contractors will be encouraged to adopt the Assist and Assure materials developed by Safer Together to promote consistency across the industry.


Now Available!

The Working Group has developed:

 Assist & Assure card.pngassist-assure.handout.tile-01.jpgAA.Sticker.Product.Tile-01.jpg 





Coming Next

  • A training syllabus and associated materials to be used by companies who adopt Assist & Assure.
  • Ongoing consultation with companies who adopt Assist & Assure to determine any support needs.
  • Industry wide monitoring of Assist & Assure take-up and impact on safety outcomes.

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