The WA/NT Health Working Group has developed a Mental Health and Wellbeing Self-Help/Care Toolkit.  Work has now started on a toolkit for quarantine management.

RUOK day in 2020 was held on September 10.  On this same day, the WA/NT Health Working Group held its inaugural meeting.  Given the activities of RUOK day, and in line with strong feedback from our member organisations, the Group decided that its initial focus would be mental health.  It will expand its focus to other health aspects later.

The Group recognised there was a need to quickly deliver some useful resources to be shared across our Industry.  Over the last 6 weeks Group members have worked hard to deliver a toolkit for self-help/care and will soon be delivering a toolkit for quarantine management.

The Self-Help/Care Toolkit is designed for everyone in our Industry.  It provides easy access to a large number of existing resources to help front line workers better manage their own mental health and wellbeing.  Understanding that everyone's needs are different, the Group has drawn on 6 dimensions of wellness and have provided materials that allow you to personalize your own self care and choose what is best suited to your needs.   

The Self-help/care toolkit is available now.  Click here to access the toolkit.  It is an interactive .pdf.  It can easily be shared and used by all of your employees from any electronic device.  Obviously, toolkits are only useful when people use them and so we are now calling on all our members to share these resources within your workforce, generate discussions and help promote good Mental Health and Wellness.  

As Quarantine continues to be a reality for workers in our Industry when entering WA, we recognise that this brings with it a need to anticipate and manage the potential negative impacts of (repetitive) periods in isolation.  To help with the preparation and the time in quarantine, the Group is finalising two sets of information packs.  One is for everyone in quarantine with useful tips and links to easily accessible resources.  The other supports supervisors who are helping their team members to prepare and manage for their time in Quarantine.  These will be available in early November for sharing within your workforce.

We welcome your feedback on the toolkits to help us keep improving!

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