Here’s the story of how one company embraced a safety initiative that was originally developed for the Drilling & Completions industry sector and used it to embed transformational improvements in safety performance and culture in the Gatherings/Construction part of their business.

As a provider of essential upstream services to the energy and resource industries through three primary, but interconnected divisions – MPK Infrastructure, MPK Services and MPK Solutions, the safety and wellbeing of MPC Kinetic’s people is paramount. So the management team are always open to fresh ideas that can re-energise the company’s safety culture and performance.  

Whilst doing Gathering Operations work for Shell QGC in the Surat Basin in 2018, MPC Kinetic was first introduced to the Assist and Assure program. Using a 7-step process, which combines equipment checks, area preparation, the control of energy and, most importantly, a strong emphasis on communication, the MPC Kinetic project team incorporated Assist and Assure into their daily routine.  After observing the positive changes in safety performance and culture improvements that resulted from this, in 2020 the MPC Kinetic leadership team then committed to adopting and embedding the Assist and Assure program in a Civil & Gathering Project that the company had been engaged to do for Santos.

Click here for a Case Study from MPC Kinetic that tells the story of why they adopted Assist and Assure, how they went about deploying it, and how it has helped the company not only become Safer Together, but also More Efficient Together and Continually Improve Together. You’ll also find out MPC Kinetic’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of using Assist and Assure.  

For more information about Assist and Assure click here.

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