A safety induction is the first opportunity to build engagement with new entrants coming into the oil and gas industry regarding working safely. So it’s essential that there is clarity and consistency in the messaging and structure of the overall safety induction process. Here’s how Monadelphous is embracing this challenge and playing its part towards achieving industry-harmonised standardisation.

With a workforce of more than 7,500 employees spread across seven countries, Monadelphous is an Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance, and industrial services to a wide range of customers within the oil and gas sector and other industry sectors. Like all contractor companies, their workforce is required to complete a new round of inductions each time they move from one customer to the next and one site to the next.

As part of the commitment made by senior line leaders across the Australian oil and gas industry to develop and adopt common industry solutions, the common Industry Safety Induction (ISI) was introduced in Queensland in 2016 and in Western Australia and the Northern Territory (WA/NT) in 2020. All New Starts are required to satisfactorily complete the Industry Safety Induction prior to working on the development or operation of onshore or offshore facilities. Experienced Workers can complete an Experienced Worker Declaration Form as evidence that they are not required to complete the ISI prior to starting work.

For companies like Monadelphous, it is a significant benefit to know that operators and contractors alike are adopting the ISI to achieve industry-harmonised standardisation, providing assurance that “everyone is on the same page” with how New Starts are being onboarded into the industry.

Click here for a Monadelphous case study that tells the story of how they are embracing the ISI, how it helps them build engagement with their people and what still needs to be done to fully embed it across the industry. You’ll also find out Monadelphous’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of the ISI.  

For more information about the ISI and Experienced Worker Process click here.

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