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Here’s the story of how one company is using the Assist & Assure program to effectively engage multi-disciplined teams in pre-job planning and transition to work in a way that is simple, doesn’t add unnecessary paperwork, and helps to build an engaged workforce.

With a 7,400 strong, multidisciplinary workforce supporting its operations across the globe, Monadelphous is an Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance, and industrial services to a wide range of customers within the resources, energy, and infrastructure sectors.

Over a period of almost three decades, Monadelphous has successfully delivered a diverse range of services to the energy industry, both onshore and offshore, working on some of the most significant energy projects in the world.

Pre-job planning and transition to work is a vital part of any effective safety management system, but just how effective are the hazard identification checklist tools that have traditionally been used by many companies to do this? Do they generate the quality of conversation that’s required to ensure all members of the team “switch on” prior to commencing the task?

Monadelphous became aware of the Assist & Assure program when it was introduced by a client to one of their offshore facilities. It’s a way of working to proactively identify and mitigate risk in work preparation and execution, and its primary objective is to avoid harm to those on the front line.

What appealed to Monadelphous about Assist & Assure is that it generates conversation between the team members to ensure all risks are discussed, understood and mitigated to ALARP. This conversation centres around the premise that “if the risks are not talked about, then they are not thought about.”

Click for a Case Study that tells the story of why Monadelphous adopted the Assist & Assure program, how they went about implementing it, and how it has helped them build genuine engagement with their people. You’ll also find out some tips from Monadelphous for other member companies on how to maximise the value of adopting the Assist & Assure program.  

Assist & Assure Training

Throughout 2024 Safer Together is providing Assist & Assure training for our member companies free of charge. 

In addition to downloadable training resources for both Frontline workers and Supervisors, this includes a 30-minute Frontline Awareness Training e-Learn course (available online, or as a downloadable LMS package, for Frontline Workers, the HSSE Function and Operational/Support roles), and also face-to-face Supervisors Safety Leadership Training (for Line Supervisors, Operational Leaders, Champions & the HSSE Function).

We strongly encourage members to take advantage of these training opportunities.

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