ERGT offers Safer Together's premium ‘Contain It’ Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training in Perth.  This course represents a unique learning opportunity for Industry personnel. BUT - if it’s impractical to send staff to Perth, it’s now possible to have the training come to you!

Contain It - Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training is an interactive and practical training session for energy and resources personnel to experience first-hand the effects of hydrocarbon releases in a safe and controlled environment.  Contain It increases awareness of process safety hazards within major hazardous facilities, and provides an overview of major accidents, the mechanisms and impacts of process safety releases; and an individual’s role in preventing major incidents.

Contain It - Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training is delivered in Perth by our licensee ERGT  - contact them directly to book your place.

If you can’t attend a Perth course in person, Mobile Major Accident Hazard Awareness training is now available to come to you through our colleague Gasworks, who collaborated with Safer Together to develop a revolutionary mobile training rig, with associated equipment and training syllabus materials. 

This mobile training rig is now available to travel to your location.  

Mobile Major Accident Hazard Awareness training comprises a selection of outdoor demonstrations.  Each demonstration has been structured to clearly portray a particular process safety concept, enable an interactive discussion about the relevant controls, and highlight relevant industry incidents where a major accident event has resulted. This training:

  • promotes process safety hazard awareness.
  • promotes process safety-related conversations.
  • provides a ‘working memory’ of the effects that may be experienced with a loss of containment, and its escalation to a fire or explosion.
  • makes major accident hazards ‘real’.

Let seasoned fire professionals explain flammable gas properties and the behaviour of fires with safe controlled demonstrations.

Mobile Major Accident Hazard Awareness training is led by experienced and qualified instructors.  Participants will feel the heat of a flash fire, hear and feel a pressure release, and witness a boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion (BLEVE), amongst a variety of other experiences. 

This unique experiential learning activity is relevant to anyone working in our industry, particularly Operations & Maintenance and Support personnel.

To book a Contain It place with ERGT

To book Mobile Major Accident Hazard Awareness training with Gasworks

For More Information, contact:  [email protected], (in person, Perth WA) or [email protected] (mobile rig).