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Major Accident Hazard Awareness Training.

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Course Description

  • The “Contain It” course is an interactive and practical training course for energy and resources personnel in WA/NT to experience the first-hand effects of hydrocarbon releases in a safe and controlled environment. It is delivered by ERGT Australia under license to Safer Together. The aim of this course is to increase awareness of the process safety hazards within Major Hazardous Facilities. Training will provide an overview of major accidents, the mechanisms and impacts of process safety releases; and an individual’s role in preventing major accidents.
  • This ½ day training course is designed for those new industry as well as experienced workers in the energy and resources sector. The target audience for this training includes a broad range of job roles such as:
    • Senior management/ business leaders;
    • Operations, project delivery and maintenance personnel;
    • Safety representatives;
    • Personnel supporting maintenance activities’;
    • Personnel involved in the hydrocarbon industry seeking to increase their awareness of process safety.

Course Structure & Assessment

  • This course is delivered through practical demonstrations,  classroom presentations, group activities and participant discussions.

Learning Outcomes

Through active participation, individuals will be able to demonstrate understanding of:

  • Recognising inherent scenarios and risks associated with process safety hazards at major hazard facilities;
  • The ability to knowledgeably discuss process safety hazards, and mitigations, with all stakeholders;
  • Situational awareness in a Loss of Containment event;
  • Increased confidence to intervene and stop work if an unsafe process safety condition or behaviour is identified.

More Information

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Launch of Contain It WA/NT - Video Clip
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