Do you want to know about what your peers learnt when discussing these Bulletins?  Do you want to know about how they manage the risks described in the Bulletins?  If so…click here.

Are you tired of responding to surveys and never getting feedback?  So are we!  We asked you to tell us what you think of our Learning Event Bulletins.  We want to share the things you learnt. 

Safer Together issued 8 Learning Event Bulletins between September 2018 and January 2019.  Click here for a summary of the feedback that we received.

In total, we received 12 responses.  What did we learn?

  • We need to work harder to let you know that we want your feedback.  We think that sharing the lessons that are learnt during field-based discussions prompted by the Bulletins is incredibly valuable.  We hope that you do too.  Maybe sharing these lessons with you will prompt you to send us feedback on Bulletins that we issue in the future.
  • Mostly, people using the Bulletins find them valuable.  And they definitely want to see more of them.
  • We can do better to provide a pictorial story of the Learning Event.  It’s true…a picture tells a thousand words!
  • We need to continue to keep the messages simple…and to prompt discussion via questions that work crews can relate to.

We encourage you to click here to find out about what your peers learnt when discussing these Bulletins, and how they are managing these risks.  Talk to your team members about it.  We need to wring every last bit of learning from these events – so that they will not happen again.  Ever.

For more information about Learning Event Bulletins, click here.