Reducing the occurrence of High Potential Incidents (HiPo) in our industry requires a commitment to learning. In the absence of learning, companies simply repeat old practices and, as a result, incidents that occurred in the past are more likely to continue re-occurring in the future. Learning Event Bulletins are a tool to enable everybody in our industry to learn from each other.

One of the challenges to overcome is that current negative associations with labelling an incident as a ‘HiPo’ can make people reluctant to report and share information and therefore the opportunity to learn from these incidents is not picked up.

Safer Together Learning Event Bulletins are a tool to assist with learning from unwanted events and/or threats in order to reduce the occurrence of High Potential Incidents. The Bulletins are designed to encourage companies to approach unwanted events with a positive learning mindset, and to investigate, report and disseminate the lessons as ‘High Value Learning Events’ triggered by unwanted events/threats occurring, regardless of whether it is classified as a HiPo or not.

Developed initially by the Queensland Rig Site Safety Working Group and successfully piloted within the Drilling & Completions community, Learning Event Bulletins are now being shared industry-wide with all member companies of Safer Together.     

Safer Together maintains a web-based library of Learning Event Bulletins which member companies can easily access – click here

To maximise the value of each Learning Event Bulletin, managers and HSE advisers are encouraged to disseminate them throughout their company and to encourage their front-line leaders and workers to provide feedback to Safer Together. Feedback/lessons learnt will then be collated and sent back to all member companies.

For more information about Learning Event Bulletins click here.