Safer Together has identified huge value in streamlining some of the competencies that are shared across our industry, and has recently released a Common Industry Competencies (CIC) Standard.

From 1 July 2017, the new CIC requirements defined in the Standard will apply to all facilities in the Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry.


The new CIC Standard defines consistent requirements for training courses, competency and currency, removing confusion that has the potential to hurt people, while providing cost efficiency by removing duplication in training requirements that currently exists.

Kade Greenwood (QGC) is the leader of the CIC Project Team.  Kade sees benefits for his organisation and for the wider Industry.  “The CIC Standard will improve worker mobility and allow operators and contractors to better target their training spend, thereby improving efficiency, faster mobilisation of workers to site, and improve confidence around the competency of our contractor workforce.”

Currently, the CIC Standard establishes requirements for:

-          Confined Space Entry and Operate Breathing Apparatus

-          Gas Detection

-          CPR

-          First Aid and CPR

-          Work Safely at Heights

There will be more competencies added to this list with time.

Implementing the CIC Standard will be driven by incorporating its requirements into Safety Management Systems that apply to Facilities in the Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry.  To guide this implementation ‘Facilities’ include: geological survey, well sites, gathering networks, processing plant, water treatment plants, pipelines.

The Safer Together Competency and Behaviour Working Group (CBWG) has prepared a detailed Launch Kit which helps Safer Together members implement the requirement of the CIC Standard.

For more information about the CIC Standard click here

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