On 8th October Safer Together conducted a Land Transport Incident Review Panel (LTIRP). Delivered as a webinar, the event was attended by participants from 33 different companies around Australia that work in the oil and gas industry. 

Hosted by Peter Runge from Origin Energy and expertly facilitated by Adam Fitz-Henry from Qteq, the event theme was “Safe Loading and Load Restraint”.  The event kicked off with a presentation from Matt Chase of Shell, who ran the audience through an overview of the Water Crossing Guideline and shared his tips for how to effectively communicate and deploy it. 

This was followed by in-depth incident shares about high value learning events from 3 companies that highlighted the importance of:

  1. having secondary retention mechanisms in place to secure ancillary items attached to larger pieces of equipment that are being transported
  2. implementing a management of change process to address changes in packaging standards for transported loads; and
  3. effective use of Driver State Sensor (DSS) monitoring systems to manage fatigue-related events   

In closing, Adam thanked all presenters for their openness and willingness to share their experiences and reflected “the learning from these incidents is only as powerful as our willingness to each share them within our own organisation and to learn from them as an industry”.

If you would like your company to receive invitations to future Land Transport Incident Review Panel (LTIRP) events, please contact us at [email protected] to forward the names and contact details of your nominated invitees.

Safer Together Members can access a video recording of the event here.

For more information about the LTIRP click here.