ISI requirements remain in place during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We are working with our training providers to develop alternatives to delivering the ISI in classrooms.

All New Starts still need to satisfactorily complete the Industry Safety Induction prior to working on the development or operation of Onshore or Offshore Facilities in the WA/NT or Qld Oil and Gas Exploration & Production Industry.

Now, more than ever, we need to be vigilant regarding safety.  We continue to work in an inherently hazardous industry.  We must not let current challenges posed by a rapidly changing environment distract us from working safely.  We must also now be hyper-focused on ensuring that our work places are healthy, and we do not contribute to public health challenges in the communities that we work in.

So, we will continue to ensure that every new worker entering our Industry is aware of the behaviours that we expect of them by maintaining the requirement to complete the ISI before starting work in the Industry. 

The current restrictions on gatherings and businesses do not apply to education institutions.  Currently, ISI training continues to be delivered in a classroom environment.  Our training providers are maintaining stringent hygiene and distancing controls at their training venues.  They are also now working on developing platforms and processes for delivering ISI content and conducting assessments via videoconferencing.  Safer Together will closely monitor delivery quality and ensure that learning outcomes continue to be met – until the situation stabilises - at which time we expect to return to 'classroom only' delivery.

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