Safer Together has published an ISI course delivery schedule for 2018.  The courses in this schedule are guaranteed to run on the advertised dates regardless of the number of confirmed participants.

Previously, our Approved Program Providers were able to cancel advertised courses if numbers of confirmed attendees were not sufficient.  Industry feedback indicated that course cancellations were frustrating and costly, especially when the course was on the critical path to mobilising a worker into the field.

In response to this feedback, Safer Together has worked with our Approved Program Providers to develop a schedule of courses that are guaranteed to run, regardless of the number of confirmed participants.  Courses are now guaranteed to run at least twice per month in the following locations: Brisbane; Toowoomba; Gladstone; Roma; Chinchilla; Dalby.

In addition to these guaranteed courses, our Approved Program Providers have scheduled courses in these locations on other dates.  They also run courses in other locations and can run the course at your location.  Note: Courses not listed on the above schedule will be subject to cancellation if the number of confirmed bookings are insufficient.

For more information contact our Approved Program Providers by clicking on their logo below.



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