Here’s the story of how Halliburton adopted and implemented Safer Together’s Heat Stress Awareness e-Learn module and used this as a timely opportunity to not only align with a new industry-wide approach, but to also re-visit its pre-existing delivery model for this type of training. 

Halliburton has been operating in Australasia for more than 50 years and has  a workforce of about 800 people throughout the region servicing the onshore and offshore industry in locations such as Roma – Queensland, Moomba – South Australia, Jandakot – Western Australia and Sale – Victoria, as well as operations bases in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

As a large contractor company providing services to many different customers at any one time, Halliburton not only had its own company-wide heat stress awareness training program that its employees had to undertake, but was also required by each of its customers to complete additional customer-mandated heat stress awareness training. 

Halliburton was looking for a single, common, industry-recognised training solution that would be accepted throughout the oil & gas industry in Australia, irrespective of which customer its people were providing services to and at what location. Over a period of 2 months, Halliburton adopted and integrated the Safer Together Heat Stress Awareness e-Learn module into its company Learning Management System, and it has now replaced the previous, instructor-led company training course.

Click here for a Case Study from Halliburton that provides more details about why they adopted and implemented the Heat Stress Awareness e-learn module, how they went about it, and how it has helped the company,  and its employees. You’ll also find out Halliburton’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of adopting the Heat Stress Awareness e-learn module. 

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