Here’s the story of how one company is using the Assist and Assure program to embed transformational business improvements in their operations in the Cooper Basin.

Managing change is never easy for any organisation. As a service provider to the oil and gas industry, when a company’s workload suddenly ramps up it can be a real test of their capability to maintain a high standard of service through the period of growth. At the end of 2019, the team at Global Engineering & Construction (GEC) found themselves in this exact situation.

With more than 200 employees at offices located in Brisbane, Kingaroy, and the Cooper Basin, GEC is currently constructing 20 – 40 km/month of gathering pipelines in the Cooper Basin, as well as the associated infrastructure like facility builds and mechanical tie-ins. In order to meet their commitments to service delivery for their clients, GEC was looking for a practical program that could be used at the frontline to drive improved safety performance, workforce communication, client satisfaction and operational efficiency. As a medium size company, GEC did not have the time, resources, or capital to develop their own solution from scratch.

In June 2020, the GEC leadership team committed to adopting and embedding the Safer Together Assist and Assure program as a means of “bringing to life” at the frontline a series of business improvement initiatives that had been initiated earlier in the year. The Assist and Assure program was rolled out across all of GEC’s operations throughout the Cooper Basin over a period of 3-4 months. Using a 7-step process, which combines equipment checks, area preparation, the control of energy and, most importantly, a strong emphasis on communication, the GEC team incorporated Assist and Assure into their daily routine.

Click here for a Case Study from GEC that tells the story of why they adopted Assist and Assure, how they went about deploying it, and how it has helped the company not only become Safer Together, but also More Efficient Together and Continually Improve Together. You’ll also find out GEC’s tips for other member companies on how to maximise the value of using Assist and Assure.  

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