Each year, when spring comes around it’s natural to feel great about the longer days and the balmy weather. It’s also a time to start thinking about how we manage heat in our working environment.

Heat stress is the effect from a heat load that a worker is exposed to as a result of environmental, clothing and physical factors. Heat stress can present itself in many different ways and illnesses related to heat stress can develop very quickly, even when you’re well hydrated.

In order to effectively manage the risks associated with heat stress we need to make sure we have adequate controls in place.

Safer Together has now released an e-learn course available to all member companies to help drive awareness of heat stress. The course references the Safer Together Management of Heat Stress Guideline and joins a suite of materials available on the topic via the Safer Together website.

You can access the e-learn directly here.

You can download the tool ready to embed in your company LMS here.

Supporting materials can be accessed here and include:

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