Launched in late 2022, the Safe Transport of Vehicular Passengers Guideline has been developed to share passenger transport industry best practice as it applies to risk management solutions for bus operators and clients, aiming to reduce the likelihood or consequence of critical risks and events occurring.

In making use of vehicles of all sizes, it is important to ensure that the risks associated with the transport of passengers are managed effectively, and that liability for the carriage of passengers is covered.

In response to an identified need and robust consultation, the Safer Together Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) has developed written guidance and familiarisation materials on the Safe Transport of Vehicular Passengers Guideline to assist Member Companies in interpreting the regulations in this area.

The document was drafted following consultation with Safer Together Member Companies east and west.  While written with detailed reference to Queensland, the document also has useful content and links for application in all jurisdictions of Australia and has now been approved and published.

The purpose of this Guideline is to provide information for the management of risks associated with transporting multiple workers in a vehicle on public roads and where applicable, on-site. It intends to assist in minimising the impact of these risks to passengers, drivers, and other road users.

If you missed the Lunch and Learn on the development of the guidance back in July 2022, which included a Q&A on the specific content, please watch the full recording.

Our thanks go to Bruce Adams (MPC Kinetic) and Richard Jourdan (Arrow Energy) for their contribution to the development of the Guideline.

For further information on our LTWG and the Guidance[email protected].