Since 2015 Western Australia has had Chain of Responsibility Legislation in place and that legislation was amended in 2018. But not everyone is aware of the responsibilities that they have in the safe transport of goods by road, which extend beyond those of the loader and driver.

To raise awareness about the important issues covered by the Chain of Responsibility legislation, Safer Together's Land Logistics Working Group is launching a short awareness video that was produced by member companies Woodside and Centurion. The video is a useful tool to start a conversation about who actually exercises control and influence over the safety of transported goods and materials, and spark some thinking amongst the entire workforce on how each person can contribute to the safety of others from the time of initiation of purchase of goods or equipment.

We encourage you to look at the promo video and make use of the materials within your company at the next opportunity.

Access CoR Awareness WA/NT materials including implementation guide, poster, FAQs and video here.

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