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Chain of Responsibility

Guidelines and other tools to facilitate cost effective compliance with COR obligations.


Across the industry, understanding of Chain of Responsibility (COR) obligations needs to improve. The industry also needs to explore cost effective methods of demonstrating compliance with COR obligations.


Communicate CoR obligations industry-wide and provide tools to assist in implementing them at work sites.


Safer Together has developed the following tools:

COR Information Kit

An information kit to help communicate CoR obligations. The kit includes:

  • Implementation guide: an overview of the steps and activities to roll out the CoR materials
  • Leaflet: explaining CoR and providing a quick assessment about if CoR applies to you
  • Poster: explaining CoR to oil and gas workers
  • Poster: explaining CoR to the oil and gas supply chain
  • Video: introducing CoR and explaining what it's all about

Load Safe - COR Tool

The Load Safe Tool provides guidance on load security and clarity of the part you play in the Chain of Responsibility. 


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