Safer Together has recently extended its contract for the core maintenance and insurance of Contain It! with Gasworks. This means that Contain It! continues to be available as a world-first initiative for our members for raising process safety awareness!

To enable costs to be kept low to all parties, and for these gas-fired appliances to continue to meet all regulatory and operational requirements, the new contract has a user pays element that ‘split the bill’ between Safer Together and all parties that take up the initiative. This means that you will now notice an additional fee of up to, but no more than, $50 per attendee, when quoted by the Training Provider.

Contain It! is in Gladstone during September, and the opportunity exists for you to jump in and experience it! Join a public session or have your own for your company. Register your interest with the new online enquiry form! We’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

If you have any questions about Contain It! and how to implement it at your sites please read our latest FAQs and find out what other businesses think here.

If you any additional queries about the pricing structure, please contact [email protected]