Safer Together has issued Rev 4 of the Common Industry Competencies (CIC) Specification.  This latest revision adds the following scope: Water Truck; Vehicle Loading Crane; Skid Steer; and Backhoe.  Also, importantly, CIC requirements will now apply in WA/NT.

Safer Together has identified huge value in streamlining some of the competencies that are shared across our industry.  The CIC Specification defines consistent requirements for training courses, competency and validity periods.  It removes confusion that has the potential to hurt people, while providing cost efficiency by eliminating duplication in training requirements.  Development of this document has progressed as a series of Tranches.  It will gradually expand in scope and is eventually envisaged to encompass all training commonly undertaken in the Industry. 

Nigel Hudson (Wood) is the leader of the WA/NT CIC Project Team.  Nigel sees benefits for his organisation and for the wider Industry. 'The CIC Specification will improve worker mobility and allow operators and contractors to better target their training spend, thereby improving efficiency, faster mobilisation of workers to site, and improve confidence around the competency of our workforce.” 

CIC image 1.pngLouise Bonser (Chevron) and Josh Harrison (UPS)
engage with members at the September 2019 ISF in Perth.

CIC requirements have applied to all facilities in the Queensland Natural Gas E&P Industry since 1 July 2017.  Rev 4 release of the CIC Specification has been developed collaboratively by the Queensland and WA/NT Competence and Behaviour Working Groups.  It will apply in WA/NT from 24 February 2020.  It is expected that WA/NT Safer Together member companies will close out their change management processes, and complete implementation, by the end of 2020.

The release of CIC Specification Rev 4 heralds its arrival as a truly industry-wide initiative.  It is a shining example of standardisation enabled by collaboration.  It is a credit to all involved.

CIC Image 3.png

The updated CIC Specification establishes requirements for:

  • Confined Space
  • First Aid
  • Working at Height
  • Electrical Work
  • Light Vehicles
  • Vehicle Operation
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Mobile Plant operation
  • High Risk Work Licences;
    • Hoists and Lifting Devices
    • Dogging and Rigging
    • Cranes
    • Process Equipment
    • Scaffolding

A detailed Launch Pack and FAQs have been developed to assist Companies (members and non-members alike) to implement the requirements of the CIC Specification.

The combined Queensland and WA/NT CIC Project Team will now begin to work collaboratively on Tranche 5.  It is expected that this will target competencies specific to offshore.

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