In our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, Assist & Assure is identified as a high priority program for its focus on creating a safe environment for open safety conversations; ensuring that these conversations are engaging, consistent and effective, leading to improvement in safety outcomes.  In response to the demand for frontline workers to have access to a concise introduction to Assist & Assure Australia-wide, we have developed a 30-minute Frontline Awareness Training e-Learn course.

‘Assist & Assure’ is a way of working to proactively identify and mitigate risk in work preparation and execution. Its primary objective is to avoid harm to those on the frontline by engaging the workforce and ensuring that work only starts when everyone is convinced that it is safe to do so.

Frontline Awareness Training is specifically designed for Frontline Workers, HSSE Function and Operational /Support roles. It can also be used as an introduction to Assist and Assure by Organisational Leaders.

The e-Learn is based on our tried and proven Safer Together Frontline Awareness Training module and covers:

  1. The key elements of Assist and Assure
  2. The difference between Transition to Work and Step 7 – Safe Work Process
  3. How to contribute to an engaging transition to work meeting
  4. How to have effective ‘Step 7’ conversations
  5. What to expect from a Proactive Effective Supervision
  6. The objective of Assure

Assist & Assure Frontline Awareness Training is now available in three formats

  1. An online e-Learn for members that do not have access to, or run, a Learning Management System (LMS).
  2. An e-Learn course package ready to download and deploy through your LMS.
  3. A downloadable face-to-face training package for delivery in your workplace.

Links to all versions, along with supporting materials are available on our website.

Face to Face training remains the preferred training method for the Assist & Assure Supervisors Safety Leadership Training (For Line Supervisors, Operational Leaders, Champions & HSSE Function).  This training module remains deliverable via a downloadable face-to-face training package for delivery in your workplace or via a dedicated Safer Together in-person training workshop for our members - follow this link for availability.

February also saw two well-attended Assist & Assure ‘Supervisors Safety Leadership Training’ workshops:

  • Thursday, 1st February (Perth, WA), with 18 delegates from 3 Operator and 7 Contractor Companies.
  • Wednesday, 28th February (Perth, WA), with 22 delegates from 2 Operator and 5 Contractor Companies.

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 11.49.04 am.png

Adam Gilbert (WA Operations & Maintenance Manager, APA Group) & Member of WA/NT Safety Leaders Group attended the workshop on 1st February, and had this to say:

“Thank you, Safer Together for the Supervisors Safety Leadership Training session I attended today.  This is my first real exposure to 'Assist & Assure' but it certainly will not be my last.

“The emphasis on soft skills and both the theoretical and practical examples shared render this training invaluable, it can complement any existing safety systems, processes, tools and procedures in any business.

“I will be sending more leaders from my team to future sessions and commend this training to any organisation.”

Assist & Assure training will be delivered at no additional cost to member companies in 2024 - we strongly encourage members to take advantage of this opportunity.

Register for a 2024 Assist & Assure workshop.

For information on Assist & Assure:  [email protected].