Line of Fire-related incidents continue as the leading injury-causing mechanism in our industry, with the nature of those incidents evolving.  Australia’s energy system is changing – as our industry has expands its’ focus, the Rig Site Safety Working Group (RSSWG) took the time to consider Line of Fire incidents.

Hosted by the ever-popular Ben Corbett (Drill Frac and Completions Manger, Origin Energy) making a much-anticipated return to the role of MC at the Drilling and Completions Industry Incident Review Panel (DCIIRP) events.  Line of Fire is a high-priority program in the Safer Together Strategic Plan, and he referred to current safety data as to WHY controlling Line of Fire hazards is so important for our industry.

Our co-host Hatem Bashandy (HSE-SQ Australasia Area Manager, Halliburton) took to the stage early for the safety moment, an excellent video showing varied sources of line of fire hazards from an office perspective, including transportation to onsite.

Project Lead for the Line of Fire mini-portal upgrade, Jordan Bunning (Director/Principal Engineer, inGauge Energy), supported by Jason Sullivan (Enterprise Risk Manager, Senex Energy), encouraged people to start thinking differently about the antecedents to Line of Fire incidents, and what the future materials on the portal may include.

Incident presentations followed from David Shakhovskoy (Drilling and Completions Manager, Senex Energy), Scott Winter (Origin Energy) and Muhammad Yasir Nisar (Operations Manager, SLB).

Queensland Women of Wells (QWoW) representatives Danielle Leray (MTTF Trial Execution Lead, Origin Energy) and Layna Smith (Wells Engineer, QGC) put the industry "in the line of fire" while giving an update on the second survey of women in our industry, indicating that whilst there have been improvements in the past 12 months, more effort is required to make sure women feel safe in the workplace.

Norm Neligan (Manager Safety and Health, Arrow Energy) joined us to launch the Assist and Assure e-Learn tool designed for the frontline workforce. 

Glenn Watt (VP Upstream Qld/NSW, Santos) delivered a highly impactful de-identified incident. Designed as a thoughtful conversation-starter, this same incident was presented at DCIIRP #2 in 2015, and dicussion in the room indicated that these lessons are still as valid today as they were back then.

Via a pre-recorded presentation, "Living a Mindset of Risk and Opportunity”, Neil Maxfield reflected on his lengthy career in the industry. He shared the story of a serious accident, and how it had profoundly affected him and the way he approached safety forever.

A panel session with three gentlemen at various stages in their careers: Tian Bo Wang (Baroid – Drilling Fluids Australia Manager, Halliburton), Troy Beetson (Field Supt. Asset Service, Origin Energy) and Stefan Cavallaro (Rig Engineer (Drilling), Origin Energy) - each sharing their varying experiences and perspectives on Line of Fire incident prevention, and what the future might hold.

Hatem returned, thanking all presenters, delegates and Safer Together for what had been another extraordinarily successful and well-attended event. He also reminded members to utilise the Safer Together resources on the RSSWG page and contribute to the body of knowledge by continuing to share.

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Halliburton and Origin Energy for their contribution to the success of this event.

Members can view a full recording of this event.

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