Work Party Interaction Table

A tool and process which assists with defining the safety responsibility of each work party on a wellsite and describing their interactions.



Wellsite activities typically involve multiple operating plant and contractor interactions. The Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 requires that worksite interactions be defined and managed.


Develop and roll out a tool to provide for effective planning, communication and execution between all work parties interacting at a wellsite. The tool must identify the safety responsibilities of each operator.


Now Available!

The Working Group has developed a Work Party Interaction Table and defined a process for using it effectively. This tool helps all work parties on a wellsite to define their specific responsibilities. It also describes the proposed or likely interactions and how they will be managed.

The Working Group has published:

  • Launch Pack to help member companies communicate the Work Party Interaction table to their workforce.
  • Process Flow: outlines the process for using the Work Party Interaction Table.
  • Template: editable (.doc) version of the Work Party Interaction Table and a completed example for use as guidance


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