Light Vehicle Specification

Specifications for light vehicles operating in the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry


Project / Initiative

Light Vehicle Specification – develop and roll out a clear and simple direction on light vehicle requirements.


Our industry accepts that one of its highest risks is presented by operating light vehicles in urban and field/remote locations. The lack of a clear, simple and consistent direction on the expected requirements for light vehicles in the industry has limited effective management of this risk.


Develop and roll out a single source relating to agreed common light vehicle requirements, systems and protocols for use. Provide supporting information to explain light vehicle requirements and assist in implementing them at work sites throughout Queensland.


The Working Group has published revision 2 of the Light Vehicle Specification in 2020. The revision to the document does not include any material modifications from the original publication in 2015, but has been reformatted and has references updated in the current version.

The Specification applies to all vehicles operated by companies and contractors working in both urban and field/remote areas with a gross vehicle mass of less than 4.5t.

A Launch Pack has been developed to help Safer Together members implement the requirements of the Specification. The Launch Pack includes:

  • Implementation guide: an overview of the roll-out steps and activities
  • Presentation: a toolbox presentation about the Specification
  • Checklist: a handy tool for industry to use to monitor the implementation of the Specification.
  • Poster: to raise awareness about the changes and reinforce the messages

Refer to FAQs for frequently asked questions and answers.

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Coming Next

  • Monitor implementation and compliance.
  • Provide compliance advice and support.

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