Heavy Vehicle Specification

Specifications and systems / protocols for Heavy Vehicles operating in the Queensland Natural Gas Exploration and Production Industry.


Project / Initiative

Heavy Vehicle Specification – develop and roll out requirements for Heavy Vehicle safety, specifications and systems/protocol for use.


Our industry accepts that one of its greatest risks is presented by operating Heavy Vehicles in urban and rural/remote locations. Currently, movements of Heavy Vehicles throughout Queensland are subject to special legislative requirements related to loads, fatigue and maintenance management, record keeping and other matters. However, limited standardised information exists for companies and contractors on Heavy Vehicle specifications and safe use.


Develop and roll out a single source relating to agreed Heavy Vehicle specifications, systems and protocols for use. Provide supporting information to explain Heavy Vehicle requirements and assist in implementing them at work sites throughout Queensland.


Now Available!

The Working Group has launched the revised Heavy Vehicle Specification which provides clear, simple and consistent direction to the industry on the expected heavy vehicle requirements.

In particular, the Specification stipulates risk based requirements for Heavy Vehicles, as well as requirements for heavy vehicle driver competency and transportation of non-dangerous liquid loads. The Specification applies to all vehicles operated by companies and contractors working in both urban and rural/remote areas with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5t and/or a combination that includes a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of more and 4.5t.

A Launch Pack has been developed to help Safer Together members implement the requirements of the Specification. The Launch Pack includes:

  • Implementation guide: an overview of the roll-out steps and activities.
  • Presentation: a toolbox presentation about the revised Specification.
  • Checklist for HV Specification Assessment and monitoring of implementation
  • Checklists for Truck, Tanker & Trailer and Bus.
  • Poster: to raise awareness about the changes and reinforce the messages.
  • Bow-tie: a generic industry risk assessment for Heavy Vehicles.
  • Template letters to suppliers and internal Contract & Procurement departments.

Coming Next

  • Roll out out the revised Heavy Vehicle Specification industry-wide
  • Develop supporting information to explain the Specification and assist implementing it at work sites throughout Queensland.

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