Our Vision

Together, develop a safer Natural Gas Exploration & Production Industry for Queensland.

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 Our Mission

  1. Work collaboratively to build a pervasive culture of safe behaviours and promote learning by sharing information and good practices
  2. Simplify, standardise and embed consistent industry requirements and develop practical, effective solutions that have industry-wide application.

Our Objectives

  1. Focus on high significance / life-altering risks
  2. Think innovatively – harness the power of the collective to strive for step change (not incremental) improvements
  3. Focus on leadership and behaviour – the safety culture of our industry is open, able to deal with difficult issues, and everyone acts as a safety leader
  4. Take more time to do less – engage the workforce and embed what we have; carry out detailed prioritisation of projects; establish meaningful metrics; close the feedback loop
  5. Focus on customer service – we exist for our members and provide them with on-the-ground implementation support, high quality products that they find beneficial, and sharing of information in real time to promote effective learning.

KPIs and Targets

Click here for our 2018 - 2020 KPIs and Targets.

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