Nadia Alaraibi, HSE Specialist – Construction & Safety Culture/Leadership SME from Chevron Australia, has won the best and Fairest Award in 2020. Nadia is the WA/NT project Lead for the Safety Culture Survey and is also part of the project team for Safety Leadership Coaching. Nadia has also worked closely with her colleagues in QLD SLWG and now Safety Culture Survey is a joint QLD-WA/NT project which is the essence of Safer Together – the industry working together for mutual benefit. 

Q: How did you feel about being awarded Best & Fairest? 

A: I was honoured to recently have been recognised by Safer Together Industry Leaders for this award.  Representing Chevron Australia, I joined the Safety Leadership Working Group in 2017 and have had the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded industry leaders passionate about enhancing our industry’s safety culture and performance.  I am humbled to be singled out amoungst a group of Leaders which each make a valuable contribution to the network.

Q: Why do you think Safer Together is important for our Industry?  

A: Safer Together is important for our industry as it provides an valuable avenue for Leaders to connect, work collaboratively and lead a positive change. As such, it provides an opportunity for all members to expand there sphere of influence, through enabling a platform to share best practices and work collaboratively to seek continual improvement.  The network breaks down perceived barriers; enabling Operators, Contractors, Leaders and Subject Matter Experts to all have a “seat at the table” in leading change and a legacy we can collectively be proud of. 

Learn more about Safety Culture Survey here.