Capt. Michael C Desa (Marine Superintendent - Asia Pacific, Chevron Shipping Company LLC) was awarded the Best and Fairest award from the Marine Working Group for managing a complex virtual global workshop with a defined set of outcomes for the Lifeboats/FRC project while at the same time pursuing the implementation of the Safe Deck Operations Specification in member companies and measuring the success of the same. 

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Q: How did you feel about being awarded Best & Fairest? 

A: It was good to be acknowledged by the group on the efforts made to progress the projects I lead as they have a large impact to improve Safety Offshore.

Q: Why do you think Safer Together is important for our Industry? 

A: Getting members to achieve a common goal is what makes Safer Together an important Industry group. Smaller members can draw on the experience and benefit from larger members' lessons learnt and save a lot of time in developing their own processes.

 Q: Describe the best day you’ve ever had at work. 

A: Knowing that the effort to improve Safety will benefit many others and prevent serious incidents and fatalities, eg: Publication of the OCIMF Deck Cargo Management Onboard Offshore vessels Information Paper and the implementation of the Safe Decks Specification by Safer Together members in WA/NT.

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