David Pearce (Road Safety Lead, Shell) has been awarded a Best and Fairest Award in Qld for his contribution as Project Lead for the Common Map Navigation solution.  We recognise his efforts as an excellent project team lead, and provider of SME support for implementation of all initiatives.  He also liaises with the National Road Safety Partnership Program on our behalf.  David is also last year's winner, and with his record, could well be on his way to the trifecta.

1. Describe the Project for which you won your ‘Best & Fairest’ Award, and your feelings about being recognised for your efforts?

Across 2022, the Land Transport Working Group (LTWG) were able to significantly progress the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) project – that has not only cemented the CSG Industry Roads Dataset across IVMS providers, but in 2023 will (fingers crossed) deliver an industry navigation solution for Queensland CSG participants.  

How do I feel about being recognised?  Humbled, but inspired to push on.  In the words of Dr Ann Sherry’s (an Australian UNICEF chair and former banking exec) acceptance speech as Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Chancellor – “I’m not here for the prestige, fancy robes, or flopping hat……if you’re not making change….creating something that’s different and better……I believe you should move over and let someone else have a go.”  

Myself - and many of my like-minded LTWG colleagues - don’t wear fancy robes nor floppy hats and would not attempt to compare skills and experience with Dr Sherry, but we are equally keen to challenge the status quo and pursue change in our efforts to provide positive road safety contributions for our industry.

2. In your sphere, what Safer Together product or program do you think contributes the most improving to safety outcomes in our industry, and why?

Definitely the standardisation, simplification and ongoing exploitation of IVMS!  

Many years ago, a senior leader of our industry commented to me regarding the deployment of IVMS across organisations - they viewed IVMS as the ‘silver bullet’ in delivering road safety, and as a leader, they were (at the time) satisfied we had done everything reasonably practicable to address the risks.  Subsequently the realisation set in that IVMS was just a box in a car producing masses of data.  In the absence of leadership and a learner mindset – its’ true value and safety benefits remain untapped.  

That same leader remains one of our industry’s greatest IVMS advocates and continues to promote the opportunity to mine that same ‘box in a car’ for every datum point that can deliver safer driving outcomes. 

3. On a personal note, if you could live anywhere for a year, where would you live, and why?

If I could take my wife, kids, and three grandkids – then it would be somewhere that has a decent snow season.