As a Major Sharing initiative, Learning Event Bulletins (LEBs) are a tool for learning from unwanted events and/or threats to reduce the recurrence of high potential incidents.   It is a way in which we learn from past incidents by focussing on unwanted events or threats as triggers to investigate and disseminate lessons learnt.

But how do you, as an HSER get the most out of a Learning Event Bulletin?

First - sign up to receive our HSER Connect Bulletin – this way you’ll receive all our HSER-related communications including all our Learning Event Bulletin notifications!

When you receive a Learning Event Bulletin:

  1. Print the Bulletin and post it to notice boards.
  2. Download the Toolbox slide pack associated with the LEB and discuss the Bulletin and learnings at site safety meetings (e.g., toolbox sessions, pre-start meetings, pre-tours).  It is important that this discussion is two-way.  Provide information about the Learning Event and lessons learnt AND use it as a chance to discuss “Could this happen to you?”
  3. Send your feedback to Safer Together: [email protected].    

If you are a frontline worker: 

  1. Actively participate in discussions about the Bulletin. 
  2. Ask your front-line leader to provide the opportunity to discuss the Bulletin and download and discuss the Toolbox with your work crew. 
  3. Help your front-line leader provide feedback to Safer Together. 

Where available, an LEB will have integration of a QR Code to enable sharing of more detailed supporting information about a particular incident, including dynamic multimedia content.

Learning Event Bulletin - Working With/Near Pressurised Systems - Person in Line of Fire


During equipment testing and maintenance in a warehouse, a 379 bar rated hydraulic hose burst on a hydraulic power unit (HPU). The hose failed by separating at the ferrule connecting the hose to the hydraulic low pressure (crimped) termination fitting. 

The technician executing the task was approximately 20 metres away from the unit behind the control panel barrier when the hose separated. 

The area was made safe by shutting off the HPU, isolating pressure, bleeding off stored pressure in the machinery (once identified safe to do so), and cleaning up the residual fluid. 

What would you do in this situation?





LEBs encourage industry to approach unwanted events with a positive learning mindset, and they influence and reinforce safe behaviours that can help safeguard people in the workplace.

If you want to learn more about LEBs, sign up to attend our upcoming 'Lunch and Learn' session:  Learning Event Bulletins, 3rd May 2023,  (available both face to face and virtually).  Delegates will walk through the journey of an LEB:

  1. How to identify an incident appropriate for an LEB,
  2. How to upload incident content to our website,
  3. How we develop and distribute the Bulletin, and
  4. How to use the LEB in your workplace.

To sign up for all our HSER Communications, including LEBs, email: [email protected]