Our 2H 2023 Bulletin summarises the latest developments at Safer Together.  2023 was a big year for Safer Together, as evidenced by the volume of events, meetings, workshops, product updates and updates all guided by our Working Groups in the second half of 2024.

The Bulletin covers:

  • Message from the Safety Leaders Group Co-Chairs 
  • New Members
  • Safer Together Products & Projects 2H 2023
  • Events 2H 2023
  • Best and Fairest 2023 
  • What's Coming Next?

The Bulletin is available in two formats for members to choose their preferred option:

  1. A non-editable, general version.
  2. An editable version - members can customise to include company-specific content - e.g., company logo, key company contacts, and details of how your company internally manages assessment, prioritisation, implementation and monitoring of progress of Safer Together products and programs. 

Member companies are encouraged to:

  1. Download the general version of the Bulletin (or customise the editable version) and circulate it to all your employees.
  2. Review the suite of products and programs mentioned in the Bulletin and identify those relating to your company’s business activities and risk profile.
  3. Prioritise the products and programs that you think will have the most impact in helping to improve safety within your company, then develop an implementation plan for each that details how you will adopt, communicate and roll it out within your company.
  4. If you need any help to get started with identifying and prioritising Safer Together initiatives for adoption and implementation, please contact us at [email protected].

We are Stronger and Safer Together.

Follow this link to our 2H 2023 Bulletin.